I’ve always been a reader and nothing aside from a few grueling semesters in college literature courses has been able to stop my enjoyment of reading. I find a lot of my inspiration comes from books and it’s been said the more you read the better writer you become.

Originally I just planned to add a few business development books to my nightstand rotation for my personal benefit. However, after buddy reading How Are You, Really? with a friend who is also an entrepreneur and we began chatting about the book, I remembered how fun it was to have a book club community!

So, I also want to open it up to my Coordinate Creative community and share the business and personal development-related books I am reading and my thoughts, consider this your formal invitation. This will be very informal and we can figure out more as we go but I don’t see a lot of options for a business-focused book club and I would love to be that place for you!

How to join!
First, come follow along on Instagram @CoordinateCreative
Second, look for the latest post with a book cover and that will be the discussion post!
I am currently *finally* finishing Atomic Habits by James Clear and I will post the first discussion post on August 8th, 2023!
Lastly, be sure to keep an eye on stories for the announcement of the future book club picks!

I can’t wait to chat about books and business with you soon!

Creatively, Karmen

Business Book Club

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