A stack of books on a coffee table for a business book club for entrepreneurs.

I find a lot of inspiration from books I read, especially when it comes to personal and business development. However, I don’t see many entrepreneurs hosting a business book club or talking about books in general unless they’re selling them because they wrote them. I want to change that! I’ve always been an avid reader and I like to read a variety of genres. As the saying goes, the more you read the better you write, which is a skill I am always striving to perfect.

As I added a few business development books to my nightstand rotation, I thought about sharing a blog post with my takeaways for each book. However, after buddy reading How Are You, Really? and Atomic Habits with a friend who is also an entrepreneur and we began chatting more and more about the books, I remembered how fun it was to have a book club community! I wanted everyone to have access to something like that.

So I created a business book club community where entrepreneurs can connect over books that inspire, motivate, and encourage them as they grow in their business.

How to join!
First- come follow along on Instagram @CoordinateCreative
Second- look for the posts with a book cover, those will be posts where we discuss the book.
Third- chime in and post a comment with your thoughts. That’s it, super informal and easy but a fun way to meet and engage with other entrepreneurs. A win-win!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Coordinate Creative IG stories for the announcement of the future book club picks and to cast your vote for the next read!

I can’t wait to chat about books and business with you soon!

Business Book Club

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