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It was during my daily walk when I plugged in my AirPods and listened to the latest podcast episode by Jenna Kutcher. It just so happened this was the episode where she read the first chapter of her new book How Are You, Really? (Genius marketing, by the way, Jenna!) Before she even finished the chapter, I had tears in my eyes because I felt so seen and validated by the story she was sharing within the first few pages.

I immediately bought the audiobook because I enjoyed her personal spoken narration and then immediately ordered the book for a friend who I knew would also enjoy it. Book purists look away because I am, in fact, a book annotator. I write and underline in my books without restraint. I know this can be a controversial topic but I come from the belief that books are meant to be loved and enjoyed in every possible way.

How Are You, Really? by Jenna Kutcher is filled with threads of wisdom and thought-provoking quotes so I also recommend setting judgment aside and delving in with your favorite pen to mark your favorite parts. Also, remember my friend I mentioned? Well, she had already bought the book because it’s true what they say, great minds think alike. So we decided to do what any two busy entrepreneurs will full schedules would do, we started a little business book club. We let ourselves take our time and didn’t put a rush on it though because reading is fun and should stay fun, not a burden.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite quotes and takeaways from How Are You, Really? by Jenna Kutcher.

💡 Snorkeling vs Scuba Diving.
I am a scuba person, I don’t do well with “shallow waters” aka small talk. When my friendships and relationships feel surface level, that’s when I start to disconnect. This was something that hadn’t occurred to me until I read the words in black and white. This was my first lightbulb moment and it was from just the introduction, that’s how I knew this book would be good.

💡 Life Inventory List
Everyone should do this periodically. It allowed me to check in with myself and after completing the questions, it became clear I really needed it.

💡 “We all want to experience the wholeness of life, but so many of us refuse to accept the wholeness of ourselves.” – Chapter 7, A Battlefield of Cuts

💡 “I’m not telling you to move on from your pain and fear and grief. I’m telling you to pick it up and move with it. Because if your only choice is to take what you’ve got with you, everything you are right now, then take it with you to where you’re going next.” – Chapter 9, Vision Fulfilled

💡 “You don’t need to go big, but you need to go.” – Chapter 9, Vision Fulfilled

💡 “But here’s the secret that isn’t really a secret – when you take a few minutes to dream, to ask yourself what really matters to you, you get all that time/energy/space back (and then some). Because you’re trading in today’s worry for tomorrow’s wonder. You’re replacing the doubt with the dream.” – Chapter 13, Livin’ The Dream

💡 “Your words don’t have to be big, or perfect, or tidy to mean something to someone else.” – Chapter 14, What Brooke Shields Doesn’t Know

💡 Chapter 18 is titled “What’s your enough point?: How to say heck no” and this entire chapter was a lesson in realizing we don’t have to take everything thrown at us. We choose what success means to us, and what toxicity we can remove from our plates. We can choose to not burn out and where the metaphorical line is that we don’t allow people or clients to cross. A revelation I very much needed reminding of at nearly 3 years into my building my business and choosing friendships that are worthy of my energy.

💡 “Rest isn’t just a break. It is where you enjoy the person you’ve been busy becoming.” – Chapter 18 Soul Savasana

💡 Appendix 2 offers suggestions for when you feel a certain way. I thought this was such a thoughtful section that really showed this book meant more than earning the title of a best-selling author for Jenna. She was here to provide the same quality of value as she does in her business.

Okay, I’ll stop myself because I could include so much more but if you are someone who feels the daily grind is bringing you down and you’re losing your creative spark or zest for life, I think this is a great read for you. You can also access additional book resources and book club questions on the Jenna Kutcher website.

Have you read anything inspiring lately? I am always looking for new book recommendations!
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